Facts at a Glance

About St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts is located in the Eastern Caribbean at 17 20 North, 62 45 West, roughly 1,200 miles from Miami, 1600 miles from New York,

The island is 69 square mile. Basseterre is the capital. Nevis is 45 square miles Charlestown is the capital


Volcanic in origin;

ST KITTS: highest peak is Mount Liamiuga at 3,972 feet

NEVIS: highest elevation is Mount Nevis at 3,232 feet.

Climate, Language, Time


Pleasant tropical termperatures ranging from 17 to 33 degrees C. Humidity is low. November to May are the driest months;

rain averages 55 inches in St Kitts, 48 inches in Nevis.


English is the official language, but it is spoken with a distinct accent and West Indian idioms


Atlantic Standard Time throughout the year. 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (-4 GMT). Daylight Saving Time is not observed.

Language Description




Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). U.S. bills are accepted by most stores and businesses and change is given in E.C. currency. U.S. coins are not accepted.

Exchange Rate

$1.00 USD = 2.70 XCD

Banks are open Monday-Thursday 8am-2pm; Friday 8am-4pm. Each bank provides 24 hour ATM services

Cultural Customs

Tipping Overview

A 10% service charge is normally included in hotel bills. In restaurants, leave 10%-15%.

Saint Kitts and Nevis has a government which can be described as: Constitutional Monarchy

Service charge / tipping : it is customary for hotels to add a 10 to 12 percent service charge and for restaurants to add a 10 to 15 percent service charge. If a gratuity for service has not been included, leave 10 to 15 percent.

Customs and Etiquette

People on St. Kitts & Nevis dress casually but smartly. Dinner dress is generally described as “casually elegant.” Short shorts, bikinis, bare feet and bare chests are not considered appropriate in town or in stores or restaurants. Topless and nude bathing are illegal, and visitors should adhere to local customs


For emergency assistance; dial 911.

• Hospitals: Joseph N. France General Hospital (St. Kitts) 869-465-2551

            Alexandra Hospital (Nevis) 869-469-5473 

• Police Station:869-465-2241 (St. Kitts)

                 869-469-5391 (Nevis)

• Fire Rescue: 869-465-2515, (St.Kitts) 

               869-469-3444 (Nevis)

How To Get Here

Air Canada-

Air Canada flies non-stop  on Saturdays in peak season (mid-December through April).

American Airlines-

American Airlines flies non-stop  on Saturdays from JFK. 

American Airlines flies non-stop daily, with two flights  from Thursday through Sunday from Miami.

American Airlines flies non-stop on Saturdays to Charlotte , North Carolina

British Airways -

British Airways flies from Gatwick on Wednesdays and Saturdays to St. Kitts  via Antigua.

Delta Airlines -

Delta Airlines flies nonstop on from Atlanta Saturdays. From December 23, 2017 through January 6, 2018 on Delta will also fly on Wednesdays and from January 9, 2018 through March 27, 2018 on Tuesdays.

Delta Airlines flies nonstop from New York on Saturdays starting on December 23, 2017.


United Airlines -

United Airlines flies non-stop from Newark on Saturdays in peak season  (mid-December through September).

Virgin Atlantic -

Gatwick to Antigua, onward to RLB Int'l, St. Kitts. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Connections to St. Kitts can be made via LIAT Airlines

Air France -

Service from Charles de Gaulle Airport to St. Martin. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Connections to St. Kitts via LIAT Airlines.

Coordinates: 17.3578° N, 62.7830° W

General Information


Driving is on the left hand side. Rental cars are available on the island from several rental agencies. A visitors dirver’s licesne cost $62.50 EC and is available from any police station or from the car rental agency.

Drive slowly and defensively—people often stop along the roads without warning to chat; also it is common to see animals, such as goat, sheep, cows, and donkeys on the roads.

Often young children walk to school on the roads.


The cost of gasoline is high – about $3.90 per gallon — but then there’s not that far to go, so it doesn’t cost much to run a car.

Business Hours

• Banks: Open daily 8am - 2pm

Fridays until 4pm

• Post Office:


Monday -Tuesday 8am – 4pm

Wednesday - Friday 8am - 3.30pm


Monday-Friday 8am – 3.30pm

• Shops:

Open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

Saturday 8am - 1pm


Public water is potable and bottled water is widely available. It is best to conserve water when possible. Electrical service is usually 110V in hotels, 220V is common on the


Taxis and Buses

Taxis are widely available on the island. They are usually vans and carry a yellow license plate with a “T”. For taxis, call 465-8487 or 465-4253; 465-7818 after hours.

Nevis: 469-1483. Buses are also mini-vans and have a green plate with an “H.” Buses run around the island all day.

ATM's and Credit Cards

Most banks on the island have ATM machines, which accept CIRRUS and PLUS cards. ATM cards are accepted at most bank machines and funds are given in EC dollars

Most banks on the island have ATM machines, which accept CIRRUS and PLUS cards. ATM cards are accepted at most bank machines and funds are given in EC dollars.